State Performance Plan Technical Assistance (SPP-TA) Project

Napa County Office of Education

The SPP-TA Project provides technical assistance consisting of training, coaching, information dissemination, and referrals of best practices. The SPP-TA Project facilitates and provides three levels of technical assistance.

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Primary Level work provides universal preventative efforts to assist all LEAs and schools to provide services through high quality and statutorily compliant programs. SPP-TA Project staff will make available, on a regular basis to the general public, accessible information on best practices around specific disproportionality SPP Indicators.

Secondary Level work involves targeted interventions and strategies to LEAs. SPP-TA Project staff will provide information on best practices, targeted interventions, and strategies to targeted LEAs. Targeted LEAs may be in an early/at-risk category, corrective action, or concerned about a disproportionality State Performance Plan Indicator. Project staff will respond to inquiries from LEAs and Technical Assistance (TA) Facilitators to provide them with information and cost/no cost resources to address their specific situation.

Tertiary Level service targets specific LEAs in need of assistance identified by (1) disproportionate representation and (2) finding(s) of non-compliance. SPP-TA Project staff will (1) design a series of symposiums to support tertiary level California Department of Education grantees; (2) assist LEAs in the identification and selection of TA Facilitators to best match the needs, characteristics, and geographic location of the LEAs; (3) provide the opportunity for enhanced sharing of knowledge and resources among TA Facilitators through the design and facilitation of a Professional Learning Network of TA Facilitators; and (4) design and facilitate a Community of Practice (CoP) for all SPP Facilitated Review grantees. The CoP is primarily focused on site-to-site interaction, sharing resources, and promising practices. Action research-based formative evaluation processes will be infused into this work.

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