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State Performance Plan Technical Assistance (SPP-TA) Project

Napa County Office of Education

The State Performance Plan Technical Assistance Project (SPP-TAP) is funded by the California Department of Education (CDE) through a contract to the Napa County Office of Education (NCOE).

diverse kidsThe overall purpose of the project is to provide a system of technical assistance for local educational agencies (LEAs) working to address performance and compliance problems relating to disproportionality and significant disproportionality.

Disproportionality refers to the “overrepresentation” of a particular racial or ethnic group in one of four areas:

  1. special education in general;
  2. special education within a specific disability category;
  3. disciplinary action; and
  4. more restrictive educational environments.

The SPP-TAP provides technical assistance consisting of training, coaching, information dissemination, and referrals of best practices. Services include: sustaining a cadre of expert Technical Assistance Facilitators; conducting webinars; designing and facilitating a community of practice; and developing and providing workshops and symposia.

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